Narrow-band "noise" in NbSe3 as a function of magnetic field and temperature: A reassessment

J. Richard, J. Chen, S. N. Artemenko

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We report the results of a Narrow-band "noise" (NBN) study in NbSe3 for magnetic fields up to 19 T and temperatures as low as 15 K. A pulsed set up was used to achieve measurements up to 400 MHz. We show that the relation between the Charge Density Wave CDW current JCDW and the NBN frequency νo is not linear at low temperature and low frequency (<30 MHz). We find a decrease of dJCDW/dνo with decreasing temperatures for both transitions. This new effect is interpreted in terms of the interaction of quasiparticles with the CDW current. Changes in dJCDW/dνo due to the magnetic field are also analyzed.

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