Nanostructured materials: Thermal tests and their effect on the microand macrostructure of nanocrystalline ZrO2

S. P. Buyakova, V. V. Promakhov, S. N. Kulkov

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The paper examines the effect of thermal tests involving water quenching at 1000°C on structural and phase transformations in nanostructured ceramics based on ZrO2 partially stabilized by Mg+2 in high-temperature modifications. The ceramics have different amounts of magnesia in the ZrO 2-MgO solid solution and, as a consequence, different ratios of high- and low-temperature modifications of zirconia. It is shown that the ZrO 2-MgO solid solution decomposes regardless of its magnesia content with increasing number of thermal tests, but the ceramics remain resistant to thermal shock even in case of complete MgO removal, i.e., zirconia destabilization.

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ЖурналPowder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics
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