Multichannel Systems of Resonant Microwave Pulse Compression

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Different designs of multichannel resonant microwave pulse compression systems operating in X- and S-bands are described. The output pulsed microwave power of these systems is expected to be severalfold greater than that of compression systems with a single output channel. These compression systems can be used as compact sources of high-power nanosecond-duration microwave pulses, sources of synchronized sequences of microwave pulses, and sources for development of phased arrays of compressed microwave pulses. In particular, the authors describe the characteristics of a two-channel S-band resonant microwave pulse compression system with nanosecond-duration output pulse and an output pulsed microwave power of 1 GW. The operation of a four-channel X-band compression system with a possible eightfold output pulsed microwave power increase, relatively to the microwave power in the cavity, is also described. The design of an eight-channel system with a 16-fold output pulsed microwave power increase is reviewed. The parameters of an X-band compression system with multichannel output unit formed as a set of interference microwave switches extracting the energy in synchronism are presented.

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