Multi-fuel power station of ultra-low power with external combustion thermal engine, capable efficiently operate in the conditions of rural areas of kazakhstan

A. D. Mekhtiev, A. V. Yurchenko, V. V. Yugay, A. D. Al'kina, U. S. Yessenzholov, N. B. Kaliaskarov

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The problem of effective electric supply is not solved in full until now. One way to solve this problem is development a micro thermal power plant, that capable operate on virtually any fuel. The use of own energy source will allow to reduce its development cost. Significantly increase the reliability of electricity supply and ensure its uninterrupted supply to the consumer. The proposed by us power plant is driven by a heat engine with an external heat supply. Some results of computer simulation of an engine with an external heat supply, which works according to the Stirling principle, are given. The design features of the engine under development are considered. Conducted research allows us to find the optimal parameters of the structural parts of the heat engine. Accurately establish the geometrical dimensions of the piston and displacer, as well as the magnitude of their stroke with the optimum value of the phase shift.

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ЖурналNews of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences
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