Mononuclear phagocytes of rat liver and lung after intravenous introduction of suspension of magnetite nanoparticles

I. V. Milto, I. V. Sukhodolo, V. Yu Usov

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    Changes in morphology and intraorgan localization of cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system in rat liver and lung are described at various intervals after single and multiple intravenous injection of suspension of unmodified nanoparticles of magnetite (NPM). A possible mechanism is illustrated of elimination of NPM from the rat organism with the participation of mononuclear phagocytes of liver (removal of stellar macrophages into the gastrointestinal tract through bile ducts) and lung (migration of macrophages into the bronchial tree lumen). A possibility is discussed of NPM elimination by different mechanisms, for instance, by metabolism in lysosomes by analogy with transformations of nanoparticles of different qualitative compositions described in the literature. Intravenous administration of NPM has been shown to cause changes in the morphology of rat visceral organs, the expression of these changes being amplified with a rise in the total dose of the introduced magnetite. Nanomagnetite is revealed in rat liver and lung 40 days after single intravenous introduction.

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