Molecular beam epitaxy growth of a planar p-n junction on a (111) A GaAs substrate using the amphoteric property of silicon dopant

G. Galiev, V. Kaminskii, D. Milovzorov, L. Velihovskii, V. Mokerov

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Molecular beam epitaxy has been applied to grow planar and only Si-doped epitaxial n- and p-type layers on GaAs substrates with (111)A orientation. The morphology of the n-layers is significantly better than that of the p-layers. However, in both cases, the photoluminescence spectra and carrier mobility show no significant difference from the same characteristics of (100) crystal samples. Planar p-n junctions have also been grown. Depending on the structure of the layers, the I-V characteristics have a form which is typical of conventional or inverted diodes.

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