Modification of the surface properties of highly dispersed AlB<inf>12</inf> by a high-power carbon ion beam

G. V. Potemkin, O. K. Lepakova

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    Modifications in the morphology, elemental composition, and microstructure of aluminum dodecaboride (AlB<inf>12</inf>) surface layers exposed to a high-power ion beam are studied using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray microanalysis, and optical metallography. It is demonstrated that the topography of the ion-modified aluminum dodecaboride surface is determined by the dose and power density of the carbon ion beam. It is established that the effect of the high-power pulsed carbon ion beam on the AlB<inf>12</inf>-based material fabricated by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis leads to the formation of boron carbide on the surface of the latter.

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