Modification of the structure and phase composition of structural steel by a microsecond e-beam

Yu F. Ivanov, Yu A. Kolubaeva, V. N. Devyatkov, O. V. Krysina, Nikolay Nikolaevich Koval, P. V. Schanin

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The structure and phase composition of prehardened 38CrNi3MoVN steel subjected to an electron beam treatment have been studied by the metallographic, scanning, and transmission electron microscopy. The e-beam parameters are as follows: the energy of accelerated electrons U ≈ 15 keV, the beam current I ≈ 60 А, the current pulse duration t ≈ 30 μs, the pulse repetition rate f ≈ 1 Hz, the beam diameter in the specimen surface plane D ≈ 1.6 cm, and the beam energy density ES ≈ 10 J/cm2. The e-beam treatment of the material has been shown to result in a gradient structure whose characteristic feature is a considerable (tenfold) decrease in the average size of martensite crystallites and laths with attended increase in the steel surface layer hardness by a factor of 2.5–3.

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ЖурналHigh Temperature Material Processes
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