Modification of the properties of metals by high-power ion beams

A. D. Pogrebnyak, G. E. Remnev, S. A. Chistyakov, A. E. Ligachev

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The results presented above show that exposure of different metals and alloys to HPIB leads to the formation in them of a structure whose physicomechanical properties and, in a number of cases, e chemical properties differ from those of the starting structure. For definite parameter of the HPIB it is possible to improve in a directed manner the performce characteristics of widely used structural steels and alloys, cutting tools, structural elements, etc. Rhe method also has the following definite advantages: a) Well-developed methods for preparing and transporting (over limited distances) HPIB with significant transverse cross sections and adequate power density levels 107-108 W/cm 2 exist; b) the projected range of ions with energies of 10s-10 s eV for most metals does not exceed the dimensions of the microirregularities for the widely used purity classes of treated surfaces, owing to which the quality of surface treatment is not diminished; c) the energy and type of ions can be varied; and, d) doping and annealing of materials can be combined. It is obvious that since the study of the interaction of HPIB with matter is still at the initial stage, the experimental and theoretical work must be intensively developed for the purpose of studying the dynamic interaction processes as well as the phenomena occurring in solids that lead to the physicomechanical changes described above. The question of further development and improvement of available methods for studying the structures of solids is also extremely important. Apparently, one of the most promising methods in this respect is the method of positron annihilation. Finally, the key question is the question of developing reliable accelerators with a long operating lifetime, capable of producing powerful beams of ions with a fixed mass, energy, and power.

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