Modification of aromatic petroleum resin

Vladimir G. Bondaletov, Lyudmila I. Bondaletova, Nguyen Van Thanh, Tatyana A. Prokopyeva

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One of the directions of quality improvement of petroleum resin obtained from petrochemical by-products is their functionalization. The petroleum resins, synthesized by thermal, initiated and ionic polymerization, have been modified using peracetic acid, prepared in situ. This process leads to the epoxy, carbonyl and hydroxyl group introduction into the resin composition. It has been shown that at a high oxidant concentration and long process duration the petroleum resin oxidation process proceeds in parallel with the epoxidation process.

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ЖурналPetroleum and Coal
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    Bondaletov, V. G., Bondaletova, L. I., Thanh, N. V., & Prokopyeva, T. A. (2016). Modification of aromatic petroleum resin. Petroleum and Coal, 58(5), 578-584.