Modes of occurrence of rare earth elements in peats of West Siberia

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The relevance of the study is determined by the necessity to distinguish the origin and to develop the models for accumulation of rare earth elements in peats and coals for forecasting and detecting rare metal mineralization in coalfields. The relevance is caused as well by the necessity of obtaining comprehensive information owing to peat integrated use in agricultural industry. The aim of the research is to study the modes of occurrence and to assess the balance of rare earth elements modes of occurrence in peats of Western Siberia; to estimate the role of organic and mineral matter in accumulation of rare earth elements in high-bog and low-moor peats, and on this ground to define the nature of lanthanides accumulation in peats. Research methods: peat division into group components by the Instorf method: bitums, water-soluble and hydrolyzable substances, humic and fulvic acids, non-hydrolyzable residue; investigation of rare earth elements content using neutron-activation analysis; REE balance calculation for fractions of group composition; scanning electronic microscopy using a Hitachi S-3400N microscope with energy dispersive spectrometer Bruker XFlash 4010 for studying mineral forms. Results. The authors have singled out and studied the group components of peats. It was ascertained that the main mass of the REE in peats is related to the fraction hydrolyzable and water-soluble substances and organic matter. From 40 till 80 % of total content of REE in peat is accounted for the fraction of hydrolyzable and water-soluble substances. 10-30 % of the amount of REE is concentrated in humic acids. Mineral matter in peats plays a minor role in accumulation of lanthanides. In general, not more than 25 % is accounted for mineral substance in the rare earth elements balance in peats. Among the mineral forms of REE in peats phosphates (monazite, xenotime, crandallite) and zircon are dominated. The division of lanthanides in fractions of group compound of peat is noticed. The fraction of water-soluble and hydrolyzable substances is relatively enriched with light rare earths, and humic substances are enriched with heavy rare earths.

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