Modelling of heat transfer process in condensing unit with titanium alloy tubes

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One of the most important units of heat transfer equipment of a nuclear power plant is the condenser. Currently, at the nuclear stations of concern "Rosenergoatom" work is actively underway to replace the tubes of copper containing alloys to various steels or titanium alloys. Also, active work is underway on modernization of heat-exchange equipment of operating units. It is necessary to make the modelling of the parameters of condenser, to ensure that after the upgrade, the unit will continue operating normally. For this purpose, was created the model of module of tube bundle of condenser unit of K-33160 with tubes of titanium alloy. The modelling process is based on the equation of heat balance. In this work were modelled condenser of NPP of K-33160 with WWER-1000 reactor and the tubes of a titanium alloy VT0-1. The calculation was carried out for three presented methods and the error was less than 2%.

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