Modeling of processes of security assurance from threats caused by unmanned air vehicles

A. V. Bukovetskiy, V. I. Boyko, P. M. Gavrilov, A. A. Sheveleva, B. P. Stepanov

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At the present time new methods of threats implementation with respect to nuclear facilities are being developed. This creates a need to improve methodological approaches to the security systems effectiveness evaluation. Modern security violation methods include the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as elements of external influence on the facilities protection. The paper considers a method to evaluate a physical protection system (PPS) effectiveness of threats countering performed with the help of UAV. The method is based on the interaction simulation techniques in the “adversary – PPS” system. The paper describes the algorithms for this simulation. They include specialized software instruments for building and analysis of the interaction model for a specific facility. The results of the analysis of different impact options on the security system elements are presented with the proposed approach application. The article also covers the possibility to identify the critical scenarios, which are possible in real conditions of UAV usage, with respect to the reviewed system. To forecast the condition of the facility's protection and the processes of external influence on the PPS the most significant factors and causes of their occurrence were identified. The characteristics of the interaction processes in the “adversary – PPS” system were formed based on the received data. Then the PPS effectiveness of the discussed threats countering was evaluated.

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ЖурналProgress in Nuclear Energy
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 авг 2019

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