Modal testing circuit board assembly of an electronic apparatus by laser vibrometry

V. A. Krasnoveikin, Igor Yu Smolin, N. V. Druzhinin, E. A. Kolubaev, D. A. Derusova

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The operating capacity and service life of printed circuit boards in various electronic equipment and devices depends on their ability to resist vibroacoustic loads, including vibration and acoustic noises. In this paper, non-contact laser vibrometry has been applied to perform the modal analysis of a circuit board assembly in order to identify its vulnerable spots and to find solutions to protect the assembly from external vibroacoustic loads. A broadband periodic chirp signal was used to excite vibration, which enabled a rapid generation of results. The paper provides data on eigenfrequencies, vibration velocity fields, and vibration displacement profiles. Frequency ranges have been determined in which eigenfrequencies with the highest vibration amplification lie. The obtained data can be used to develop a quality control technique for printed circuit boards and to optimize their construction as early as the design stage.

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