MOCVD growth and study of magnetic Co films

S. I. Dorovskikh, R. R. Hairullin, S. V. Sysoev, V. V. Kriventsov, A. V. Panin, Y. V. Shubin, N. B. Morozova, N. V. Gelfond, S. V. Korenev

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The Co(N'acN'ac)2 complex, namely bis(2-methylamino-4-methyliminato-penten) cobalt(II), was for the first time used as a precursor for producing Co films via metal-organic chemical vapour deposition. This chelate exhibits good volatility ln (P/P°)=26·45-14006·7/T(K) at moderate temperature values (382-427 K). Co films were grown on Si (100) substrates and studied by Xray diffraction, extended X-ray absorption fine structure, atomic force and scanning electron ; microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray analysis and optical profilometry. Deposition conditions corresponding to the optimal electrical and magnetic characteristics of Co thin films are found.

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ЖурналSurface Engineering
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    Dorovskikh, S. I., Hairullin, R. R., Sysoev, S. V., Kriventsov, V. V., Panin, A. V., Shubin, Y. V., Morozova, N. B., Gelfond, N. V., & Korenev, S. V. (2016). MOCVD growth and study of magnetic Co films. Surface Engineering, 32(1), 8-14.