Mineral-geochemical features of the minor river sediments in the interfluve area of the lo and kau rivers (northern Vietnam)

Oleg G. Savichev, Viktor A. Domarenko, Elena V. Peregudina, Nguyen Van Luyen, Michail V. Shaldybin, Aleksey V. Kanaki

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Relevance. Investigations of mineral and chemical composition of river sediments have great meaning in development and improvement of techniques of hydrogeochemical study of minerals and decisions of tasks for normalization of anthropogenous influence on surface and ground water objects. The aim of the research is to estimate mineral and chemical composition in river bottom sediments of the area between the Lo and Kau rivers (Northern Vietnam) as causes and effects of formation of geochemical anomalies in water objects. Methods of the research: mathematical modelling, landscape-geochemical and statistical methods, methods of definition of chemical and mineral composition of river bottom sediments. Results and conclusions. The data on mineral and chemical composition of the Ban Thi, Dai rivers and their tributaries sediments were obtained. The authors have analyzed the interrelations between mineral and chemical composition of river bottom sediments, water ex-tracts from them and river waters. It is shown that concentrations of some chemical elements find the direct ratio to the contents of chlorite and in inverse proportion to the contents of quartz. It is ascertained that carbonate barrier plays the important role in regulation of chemical composition of river waters in the affected area of mining plants associated with the extraction of lead-zinc ores. The authors obtained the approximate estimations of hard sediment particles transport distance (up to 34 km at rain period) and the avera-ge time of approximation to saturation of river waters relative to calcite (approximately 9,4 h). The conclusion on the key role of geoche-mical barriers in formation of geoecological conditions of ore extractions, including decrease of zinc, lead and some other elements con-centration in river waters and sediments on the distance up to 10-11 km is proved.

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ЖурналBulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering
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