Microwave absorption properties of foam glass material modified by adding ilmenite concentrate

O. V. Kazmina, V. I. Suslyaev, M. A. Dushkina, V. A. Zhuravlev, K. V. Dorozhkin

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Studies of foam glass modified with ilmenite concentrate have demonstrated the improvement of its physicomechanical properties in comparison with foam glass synthesized without additives. This material actively interacts with microwaves and can be used for the development of protective screens reducing the adverse effect of microwaves on biological objects, anechoic chambers, and rooms with low level of electromagnetic background noise. Spectra of the transmission coefficients for frequencies in 26-260 GHz range are presented. The observed effects demonstrate the existence of regions with partial and total reflection arising on the glass-pore boundary and of the microwave interaction with superdispersed concentrate and carbon particles that remain after foaming with incomplete frother transition from the soot to the gas phase.

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