Microstructure of amorphous copper-carbon thin films formed by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

M. V. Astashynskaya, V. V. Astashynski, N. T. Kvasov, V. V. Uglov

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The microstructure of copper-carbon Cu/a–C:H nanocomposites formed by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition has been determined by transmission electron microscopy. The formation of spherical copper inclusions embedded in the matrix of amorphous carbon was observed. The average size of the copper inclusions decreases from 16 to 5 nm on increasing the carbon concentration from 8 to 75 at.%. A description of the copper clusters formation processes in the reactor chamber was proposed. The results of calculation of the average size of copper clusters are in good agreement with the observed size of the copper inclusions formed in nanocomposite thin films.

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ЖурналHigh Temperature Material Processes
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