Microbunch instability observations from a THz detector at diamond light source

W. Shields, R. Bartolini, G. Boorman, P. Karataev, A. Lyapin, J. Puntree, G. Rehm

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Diamond Light source is a third generation synchrotron facility dedicated to producing radiation of outstanding brightness, ranging from infra-red to x-rays. The short electron bunches that are accelerated around the storage ring are susceptible to the phenomenon of microbunching instabilities when the bunch charge exceeds a threshold. The primary feature of the microbunch instabilities is the onset of bursts of radiation in the THz range. The high frequencies involved in the emissions make detection and analysis challenging. A 60-90 GHz Schottky Barrier Diode detector was installed to investigate turn by turn evolution of the instabilities.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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