Method of silicon filter refining from harmful impurities

A. D. Mekhtiyev, Zh D. Zholdubayeva, B. D. Issin, E. G. Ogoltsova, A. V. Yurchenko, D. K. Issin

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In the article there are considered the types of filters used for silicon refinement, the possibilities of mechanical separation of inclusions when the melt is through the filter, the efficiency of silicon refinement from impurities. There are also considered the advantages of bulk granular filters which consist of the lumpy or granulated elements. There are described the methods of obtaining filtering elements, the functions executed by the filters depending on their type. There are presented the analysis results obtained in filter refinement of silicon which show the impact of different filters materials on the content of impurities.

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    Mekhtiyev, A. D., Zholdubayeva, Z. D., Issin, B. D., Ogoltsova, E. G., Yurchenko, A. V., & Issin, D. K. (2016). Method of silicon filter refining from harmful impurities. Metalurgija, 55(4), 787-789.