Method for identifying parameters of submersible induction motors of electrical submersible pump units for oil production

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Relevance of the research is caused by fact that 80 % of oil in the Russian Federation is extracted using electrical submersible pump units and this index is growing, but specific ratio of wells with electrical submersible pump in the general fund has not almost changed and it is about 34 %. It necessary to note that maintenance of optimal operation of the electrical drive, for example maximum volume of oil production at the lowest electrical power consumption, depends not only on the correct configuration of units and processing of external actions, but also it depends on selftuning of adaptive control system, including the solution of the problems of identifying on line the parameters of submersible induction motors. The aim of the research is to design and test the method for online identification of the parameters of submersible induction motors based on the algebraic identification methods and discrete models. Methods of research are based on using the systems of differential and difference equations, algebraic identification methods, con struction of discrete mathematical models of submersible induction motors. Results. The authors have designed the software system for monitoring the parameters of the submersible induction motors and tested this system by mathematical modeling. Using the designed software system for online monitoring the parameters of submersible induc tion motors is expedient. The perspective of using the designed system is in improving the intelligent control system of submersible cen trifugal pump, that will result in increasing the exploitation efficiency, decreasing drive power consumption, accordingly reducing oil pro duction cost, and increasing fault tolerance of the submersible induction motors due to online monitoring for motor parameters.

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