Metallogenic problems of hydrothermal gold deposit formation: Facts and arguments

I. V. Kucherenko, Zhang Yuxuan

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The research problem of substituting existing hypotheses by a well-defined re modeling of the geological processes, which, in its turn, initiate and govern the formation of hydrothermal gold-ore deposits, is becoming more and more relevant. The four existing hypotheses - granitogene, basaltogene (magmagene), metamorphogene, and polygene have been considered and discussed. The interpretation of different hypotheses and analysis of substantiating facts showed the inconsistency of above-mentioned hypothesis-approaches. Up-dated petrological, petrochemical, geochemical data proved the following: generation of metal-bearing fluids in sources of moderate alkali-basalt melts during the late basalt formation stages show recycling Late Riphean to Late Paleozoic convergent antidromic granite diorite dolerite magmatic complexes.

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