Mechanostratigrapical approach for Preobrazhen carbonate reservoirs (Eastern Siberia, Russia) core analysis

M. V. Shaldybin, S. V. Parnachev, S. Yu Filimonov, V. A. Kolesov

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Vendian to Lower Cambrian carbonate reservoirs of Nepa-Botuoba anteclise of Eastern Siberia are considered as significant and promising assets of Rosneft Oil Company. As opposite to Riphean dolomite of Yurubcheno-Tokchomskoye oil field located westerly, no essential fracture drain systems are detected yet in Nepa-Botuoba carbonate. So, matrix porosity and permeability of core plugs with different geometry for a long time were believed to be a unique and exhaustive parameters of that reservoir rocks quality. Systematic open fractures (joints) were detected recently in the core of the well drilled few years ago in Nepa-Botuoba megastructure. That is allow to apply mechanostratigraphy principles to characterize joints systems geometry and to assess the fluid permeability anisotropy within the field. Brief review on the joint appearance in the stratificated rocks and fracture's quantitative characteristics are expounded in the article.

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