Measurements of high voltage pulses with subnanosecond rise time

N. M. Bykov, I. K. Kurkan, A. S. Stepchenko

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The paper deals with the application features of capacitive probes for subnanosecond voltage pulse measurements. The relation for the amplitude of distortions determined by the finite electrical length of a capacitive divider was obtained. This relation could serve for quantitative estimation of capacitive divider suitability. Probes of various designs were used for recording the high voltage pulses with subnanosecond voltage changes. The pulse shapes with voltage change durations of 0.2 - 20 ns from different voltage probes were compared. It was shown that the use of capacitive divider with high- and low-voltage arms filled with the same material is more appropriate. This divider provides the same voltage ratio for voltage changes of durations from tens to fractions of nanoseconds.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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