Measurement of the Temperature Field in a Brain Phantom with Simulated Glioblastoma in Transcranial High-Frequency Hyperthermia

E. L. Choynzonov, A. I. Ryabova, I. A. Miloichikova, N. D. Turgunova, O. V. Gribova, Zh A. Startseva, V. A. Novikov, R. V. Vasiljev, A. A. Krasnykh, Yu M. Cherepennikov, S. G. Stuchebrov

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This paper presents the results of temperature shift measurements in a brain phantom based on agar gel and including elements simulating a tumor (glioblastoma) and cerebrospinal fluid for assessment of the safety of real courses of high-frequency hyperthermia using a Celsius TCS system. No “hot spots” formed at the boundary between normal brain tissue and fluid and the temperature did not excess physiological values. Higher tempera-tures were produced in the model viable tumor (glioblastoma), reaching the values required for hyperthermic radiosensitization.

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