Measurement of locally heated liquid film thickness by a double-fiber optical probe

D. V. Zaitsev, O. A. Kabov, A. R. Evseev

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An experimental investigation of thermocapillary deformations in a film of 10% ethyl alcohol solution in water, flowing down a plate with a heater of length 6.7 mm and width 68 mm, is performed. Heating of the film results in the formation of a horizontal liquid bump at the top edge of the heater. On the heater the flow divides into vertical rivulets with a thin film between them. Film deformations in the bump and the thin film between the rivulets are investigated. Local film thickness is measured by means of a double-fiber optical probe. The method is based on the dependence of the intensity of reflected light on the distance between the probe and the reflecting surface. The measurement results are compared to those previously obtained using the schlieren method. The experiment is controlled by three parameters. They are, with their respective values, the plate inclination angle (4-90°), the Reynolds number (0.15-62) and the heat flux density (0-4.5 W/cm2).

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