Mathematical modeling of heat transfer in closed two-phase thermosyphon

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There was conducted a numerical analysis of heat-transfer in close two-phase thermosyphon of cylindrical form in the condition of admission of warmth on a lower lid and taking from the high bound of lid. For description of the researched process was offered the simplified mathematical model, which describes only processes of heat conductivity in system "a corps of thermosyphon - a steam channel - a condensate membrane". This formulated task with boundary conditions was decided by the method of eventual differences using an implicit difference scheme. As a result have got fields of temperatures in thermosyphon for typical thermal loads and methods of working. Was conducted a comparative analysis of fields of temperature in a thermosyphon at different thermal streams on a lower lid. Was studied an Influence of coefficient of heat emission and basic geometrical descriptions on forming of the field of temperature in the crossrunner of thermosyphon.

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