Materials processing with intense pulsed ion beams

D. J. Rej, H. A. Davis, J. C. Olson, G. E. Remnev, A. N. Zakoutaev, V. A. Ryzhkov, V. K. Struts, I. F. Isakov, V. A. Shulov, N. A. Nochevnaya, R. W. Stinnett, E. L. Neau, K. Yatsui, W. Jiang

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We review research investigating the application of intense pulsed ion beams (IPIBs) for the surface treatment and coating of materials. The short range (0.1-10 μm) and high-energy density (1-50 J/cm2) of these short-pulsed (≤1 μs) beams (with ion currents I=5-50kA, and energies E= 100-1000 keV) make them ideal in flash heating a target surface, similar to the more familiar pulsed laser processes. IPIB surface treatment induces rapid melt and solidification at up to 1010 K/s causing amorphous layer formation and the producing nonequilibrium microstructures. At higher energy density the target surface is vaporized, and the ablated vapor is condensed as coatings onto adjacent substrates or as nanophase powders. Progress towards the development of robust, high-repetition rate IPIB accelerators is presented.

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ЖурналJournal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films
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