Match heart rate and running profile of elite under-21 hurlers during competitive match-play

Damien Young, Laurent Mourot, Marco Beato, Giuseppe Coratella

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The aims of the current study were to examine the physical and physiological demands of elite under-21 male hurling match-play across halves of play and between positions. Global positioning systems (10 Hz) and heart rate (HR) monitors were used to collect data from 95 players during 10 games. Total distance (TD), relative speed, high-speed running (HSR), sprint distance, total sprints, and mean length of sprint was 6,688 ± 942 m, 112 ± 16m.min-1, 661 ± 203 m, 274 ± 111 m, 18 ± 8 m, and 16 ± 5 m, respectively. Players' mean HR (HRmean) and peak HR (HRpeak) was 165 ± 9 b.min-1 and 190 ± 7 b.min-1, respectively. Decrements in TD (p < 0.05, effect size [ES] = 0.81), HSR (p < 0.05, ES = 0.69), and HRmean (p < 0.05, ES = 0.80) were found between halves. Full backs covered significantly less TD than half backs (p < 0.05, ES = 1.24), midfielders (p < 0.05, ES = -1.39), and half forwards (p < 0.05, ES = -1.85). Half forwards covered a greater TD than full forwards (p < 0.05, ES = 0.94), greater HSR than full backs (p < 0.05, ES = 1.13), and greater sprint distance than half backs (p < 0.05, ES = 1.41). Between-half decreases were evident in TD, HSR, and HRmean, with no significant positional differences observed in TD, HSR, number of sprints, length of sprint, HRpeak, and HRmean between half backs, midfielders, and half forwards. The current findings provide data that coaches should consider to customize training program design for under-21 hurlers.

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