Managing data quality in business intelligence applications

Florian Daniel, Fabio Casati, Themis Palpanas, Oleksiy Chayka

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Business Intelligence (BI) solutions conunonly aim at assisting decision-making processes by providing a comprehensive view- over a company's core business data and suitable abstractions thereof. Decision-making based on BI solutions therefore builds on the assumption that providing users with targeted, problem- specific fact data enables them to make informed and. hence, better decisions in then everyday businesses. In order to really provide users with all the necessary details to make informed decisions, we however believe that - in addition to conventional reports - it is essential to also provide users with information about the quality, i.e. with quality metadata, regarding the data from which reports are generated. Identifying a lack of support for quality metadata management in conventional BI solutions, in tins paper we propose the idea of quality-aware reports and a possible architecture for quality-aware BI, able to involve the users themselves into the quality metadata management process, by explicitly solicitmg and exploiting user feedback.

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ЖурналCTIT workshop proceedings series
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Daniel, F., Casati, F., Palpanas, T., & Chayka, O. (2008). Managing data quality in business intelligence applications. CTIT workshop proceedings series, WP 08(02), 133-144.