Macrosegmentation and strain hardening stages in copper single crystals under compression

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The surface deformation-induced pattern (relief) of copper single crystals with the orientation of the compression axis along [11¯1¯] has been investigated by means of optical, scanning electron and atomic force microscopy. The misorientations between both macroscopic and mesoscopic areas in [11¯1¯]-single crystals have been determined using the electron back scattering diffraction (EBSD) technique. The macroscopic reorientation has been revealed to rotate the crystalline lattice around the [110] axis. The single crystal has been divided into five macrosegments with their misorientations distributed along the compression axis in a manner that the deformation axis sequentially coincided with the crystallographic directions in the order [11¯1¯]-[22¯1¯]-[77¯3¯]-[11¯0]. Shear by unloaded plane (11¯1¯) has been observed. The macrolevel deformation up to 25% has been developing as follows: shear by octahedral planes - development of macrobands - reorientation of the central zones - shear by unloaded octahedral plane in the reoriented zones. The steps of this sequence corresponded to the stages of the stress-strain curves.

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