M-iodosylbenzoic acid as a convenient recyclable hypervalent iodine oxidant for the synthesis of α-iodo ketones by oxidative iodination of ketones

Mehman S. Yusubov, Rosa Y. Yusubova, Tatyana V. Funk, Ki Whan Chi, Andreas Kirschning, Viktor Vladimirovich Zhdankin

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A convenient procedure for the preparation of -iodo ketones by oxidative iodination of ketones using iodine and m-iodosylbenzoic acid as a recyclable hypervalent iodine oxidant is reported. Various ketones and -dicarbonyl compounds can be iodinated by this reagent system under mild conditions affording the respective -iodo-substituted carbonyl compounds in excellent yields. The final products of iodination are conveniently separated from byproducts by simple treatment with anionic exchange resin Amberlite IRA 900 HCO3 - and are isolated with good purity after evaporation of the solvent. The reduced form of the hypervalent iodine oxidant, m-iodobenzoic acid, can be recovered in 91-95% yield from the Amberlite resin by treatment with aqueous hydrochloric acid followed by extraction with ethyl acetate.

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