Luminescence of YAG:Ce Phosphors Excited by UV Laser Radiation

V. M. Lisitsyn, V. A. Vaganov, L. A. Lisitsyna, Zh T. Karipbayev, M. Kemere, A. T. Tulegenova, Y. Ju, Y. N. Panchenko

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Spectral and kinetic characteristics of photoluminescence of commercial YAG:Ce phosphors excited both by laser radiation in the range of 4–6.415 eV and by beams of electrons with energy of 250 keV are investigated. It is shown that electron-hole (e-p) pairs are formed in the matrix by electron beam and upon exposure to laser radiation at 193.3 nm (6.415 eV) as well. All excitation methods initiate the band in the range of 560 nm caused by Ce3+ ions and the UV bands at 320 nm and 360–380 nm. UV luminescence is due to luminescence of intrinsic lattice defects. Possible processes of energy transfer to luminescence centers under optical excitation in the range of 4–6.415 eV are discussed.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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СостояниеОпубликовано - окт 2020

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