Luminescence of LiF crystals doped with uranium

L. A. Lisitsyna, G. S. Denisov, A. K. Dauletbekova, Zh T. Karipbayev, A. A. Markhabaeva, V. A. Vaganov, V. M. Lisitsyn, A. T. Akilbekov

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The work presents the results of the study of the luminescence of uranium doped LiF crystals. Introduction of the dopant (U) and the co-dopant (OH) shows the occurrence of additional absorption in the range of 260-320 nm. The IR spectrum in crystals containing OH has distinguished characteristic absorption bands at 3725 cm-1. In crystals doped with (U), the bands 3550-3580 cm-1 are observed, which are responsible for OH ions. The doped crystals with co-dopant contain an additional band at 3342 cm-1. The luminescence is observed in the 470-520 nm spectral range excited by ionizing and UV radiation.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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    Lisitsyna, L. A., Denisov, G. S., Dauletbekova, A. K., Karipbayev, Z. T., Markhabaeva, A. A., Vaganov, V. A., Lisitsyn, V. M., & Akilbekov, A. T. (2017). Luminescence of LiF crystals doped with uranium. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 830(1), [012156].