Luminescence and electrical conductivity of KCl-PbCl2 crystals grown from aqueous solutions

N. S. Kravchenko, L. V. Grigoruk, I. Ya Melik-Gaikazyan

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Luminescence spectra of KCl-PbCl2 crystals grown from aqueous solutions are compared with those of KCl-PbCl2 crystals grown from a melt. It is found that at PbCl2 concentrations C > 3·10-3 mole % there appears in the luminescence spectrum of "solution-type" crystals a new band with a peak at the 365-nm wavelength, which has never been noted in the case of "melt-type" crystals. The appearance of this band is attributed to (PbCln)-(n-2) complexes entering the crystals when the latter are grown from solutions. The concentration characteristics of ion conductivity are analyzed here and seem to confirm the hypothesis of this complex formation.

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ЖурналSoviet Physics Journal
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