Localized em and photonic jets from non-spherical and non-symmetrical dielectric mesoscale objects: Brief review

Igor V. Minin, Oleg V. Minin, Yuri E. Geints

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The interest to mesoscale dielectric objects, whose effective dimensions are comparable with the incident radiation wavelength, is caused by their unique ability to modify the spatial structure of the incident wave in the specific manner and to produce a highly localized intensive optical flux ("photonic jet") with the subwavelength spatial resolution. In the current paper we brief review the modern state-of-the-art of main principles of the photonic jet formation by non-spherical and non-symmetrical dielectric mesoscale particles both in transmitting and reflection mode. A deeper understanding of the photonic jet is nevertheless needed to fully exploit the potential performance of nano- and micro- dielectric mesoscale objects as diffractive components at different wavebands.

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