Linear Induction Accelerators with Magnetic Elements

L. D. Butakov, V. V. Vasil'ev, I. I. Vintizenko, E. G. Furman

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A new class of linear induction accelerators with magnetic elements used as the sources of electron beams for relativistic high-power microwave generators is presented [1, 2]. Such accelerators have been under development at the Nuclear Physics Institute of Tomsk Polytechnical University (NPITPU) since the 1990s on the basis of an original configuration with the use of low-impedance strip forming limes laid over the induction system as an Archimed helix [4]. By now, the designed accelerators have electron energies of 0.4-2.4 MeV at currents of 2-6 kA and pulse repetition rates of up to 400 Hz in the continuous operation mode and up to 3.3 kHz in the pulse-burst mode.

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