V. V. Vasil'ev, G. G. Kanaev, E. G. Furman

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A new layout for the injector and accelerating sections of a linear induction accelerator is examined. The actions are combined in a single housing: an induction system with a current-pulse generator based on double strip shaping lines laid over ferromagnetic cores; a multichannel spark discharger with forced current division among channels; and a system for core demagnetization and electron-beam formation and transport. The results of formation of an electron beam in the injector system and its acceleration in the first accelerating section of the accelerator for injection of beams with energies of 0. 2-0. 4 Mev, currents of 1-2 kA, and pulse durations of 60 nsec are given.

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ЖурналInstruments and experimental techniques New York
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