Lead(II) Complexes with the B12H11NEt3 - and 1-B10H9SMe2 - closo Anions

A. M. Orlova, L. V. Goeva, K. A. Solntsev, N. T. Kuznetsov

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Lead(II) complexes [Pb(Bipy)2][B12H11NEt3]2, [Pb(py2NH)2][B12H11NEt 3]2, [Pb(Bipy)2][1-B10H9SMe2] 2, and [Pb(Py2NH)2][1-B10H9SMe 2]2 are prepared. The complexes are characterized by elemental analysis and IR spectroscopy. The structure of the complexes is considered in comparison with the available data on the structure of the complexes with nonsubstituted closo anions. Conclusions on the change of the donor ability of monosubstituted hydroborate anions are made.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
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