Laser monitor for imaging single crystal diamond growth in H2-CH4 microwave plasma

Gennadiy Evtushenko, Stanislav Torgaev, M. Trigub, Dmitry Shiyanov, Egor Bushuev, Andrey Bolshakov, Konstantin Zemskov, Valery Savransky, Viktor Ralchenko, Vitaly Konov

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We used an active optical system referred to as ‘laser monitor’ based on a copper bromide vapor brightness amplifier for imaging a diamond crystal surface during its synthesis in a microwave plasma in CH4-H2 gas mixture. The approach allows observation of an entire crystal without interrupting the chemical vapor deposition process. It is demonstrated that the broadband plasma background radiation with the brightness temperature of about 3000 K does not interfere with object real-time monitoring at the laser wavelength of 510.6 nm. High quality images obtained using both passive (laser illumination) and active (laser monitor) methods provide information about the surface relief of the growing crystal with resolution of a few tens of micrometer. Each frame is formed through one pulse (about 30 ns), with the maximum frame rate being 20,000 frames/sec.

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ЖурналOptics and Laser Technology
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