Kinetics of sintering of corundum ceramics with microadditives

V. A. Lotov, A. T. Dobrolyubov

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The process of alumina sintering was estimated using a structural energetic parameter, n, based on packing density and porosity of the samples before and after the sintering. The experiments were carried out at 1200-1500°C using both pure alumina and alumina with modifying additives. It is shown that the use of the structural energetic parameter in the kinetic study of corundum sintering resulted in simplifying mathematical description of the process and allowed to analyze the sintering mechanism.

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ЖурналSteklo i Keramika
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Lotov, V. A., & Dobrolyubov, A. T. (1997). Kinetics of sintering of corundum ceramics with microadditives. Steklo i Keramika, (11), 10-12.