Kinetics of F2 --center absorption relaxation during exposure of an LiF crystal to pulsed radiation

L. A. Lisitsyna, E. P. Chinkov, V. M. Reiterov

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The pulsed absorption and luminescence spectrometry techniques with time resolution are used to study the processes of creation and postradiative destruction of F2 --centers in the time interval 10-8-105 sec following exposure of LiF crystals with different sets of preliminarily introduced color centers to a radiation pulse in the temperature interval 80-400 K. The accumulated data on kinetics of the relaxation of F2- +, F2-, and F2- - absorption and radioluminescence bands of the crystal are used to provide a phenomenological description of the charge evolution of an F2-center leading to the formation of F2- + and F2- - centers due to thermally activated variation of the spin of an F2-center under the action of radiation. A mathematical description is provided for the kinetics of relaxation of absorption of F2 --centers initiated by a radiation pulse, and the energy and kinetic parameters are determined for the processes of formation and destruction of F2 --centers.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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