Kinetics of biomass lowerature pyrolysis by coats-redfern method

Dariga Altynbaeva, Alexander Astafev, Roman Tabakaev

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Energy is one of the main sources of environmental pollution. In this regard, the world scientific community seeks to reduce its negative impact on human health and nature. To do this, some of the organic raw materials, which are fuel for power plants, are gradually replaced by renewable resources, in particular-biomass. The combustion of biomass by traditional methods is accompanied by high operating costs, which leads to the conclusion that it is necessary to process it into energy-valuable products. The development of one of the most promising such directions-thermal processing-requires studying the thermophysical properties of biomass and studying its kinetics of decomposition. The aim of this work is to estimate the activation energy of thermal decomposition of biomass by the method of Coats-Redfern.

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Событие2018 Heat and Mass Transfer in the Thermal Control System of Technical and Technological Energy Equipment, HMTTSC 2018 - Tomsk, Российская Федерация
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