Kinetic Determination of Thiocyanate by the Reaction of Bromate with Crystal Violet Immobilized in a Polymethacrylate Matrix

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Abstract: A procedure is proposed for the kinetic solid-phase spectrophotometric determination of thiocyanate using a polymethacrylate matrix. The procedure is based on the Landolt reaction between Crystal Violet immobilized in a polymethacrylate matrix and a bromate oxidizer, accompanied by the discoloration of the indicator in the matrix. During some induction period after the introduction of thiocyanate into the test solution, the dye in the matrix is not discolored. The duration of the induction period is proportional to the concentration of thiocyanate in the solution. The change in the color of the polymethacrylate matrix was recorded by measuring its absorbance at 600 nm. The developed procedure ensures the determination of thiocyanate in the concentration range 0.025–12 mg/L, depending on the Crystal Violet concentration in the matrix. The limit of detection calculated according to the 3s-test is 0.02 mg/L with the indicator concentration in the matrix of 0.06 mg/g. A possibility of using the proposed procedure for the determination of thiocyanate in near-wellbore water is shown.

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