Justification of the possibility of car tires recycling as part of coal-water composites

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The results of experimental studies of ignition processes of multi-component fuel droplets based on coal, water and synthetic oil (synthetic-oil (SO)): water/coal/synthesis-oil (WCF-Oil) are presented. The liquid fuel component (SO) of the fuel is obtained by steam gasification of crushed rubber of used car tires. Integral characteristics of the ignition process of three-component fuel particles under high-Temperature heating conditions were established during experimental studies. High prospects of tires utilization unsuitable for further use by pyrolysis and combustion of thermal decomposition products in the composition of coal-water fuel are shown. It was found that addition of liquid rubber pyrolysis products to the structure of coal-water slurry leads to a significant acceleration of the ignition processes. A detailed analysis of the video footage showed that ignition process of fuel particles proceeds, as a rule, in several stages. In this case, ignition occurs in the gas phase. New (significantly different from the known) mathematical model of the ignition process of significantly inhomogeneous multicomponent fuel has been formulated based on the results of experiments. The model describes the processes of heat and mass transfer that occur together under conditions of intensive phase and thermochemical transformations in a small neighborhood and in the pore structure of the fuel particle. The mathematical model was verified by a comparative analysis of the results of numerical modeling with experiment. A good correspondence between the theoretical and experimental values of the ignition delay times of fuel particles has been established.

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