Ion-implanted nanodimensional intermetallic phases

I. A. Kurzina

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    Fundamental and technological aspects of using nanointermetallic compounds for the ion-implanted layers as the strengthening phases are studied. The theoretical and experimental data available at present are analyzed, and high properties of nanodimensional intermetallic compounds are projected. The results of the experimental microstructure and phase composition of the surface ion-implanted nickel and tungsten layers formed under conditions of a high-intensity implantation of aluminum and titanium ions arepresented. It is shown that the ion implantation of metal ions makes it possible to create the ultrafine inter-metallic phases A3B and AB (A = Ni, Ti; B = Al, Ti) along with solid solutions of a depth-varying composition in 3000-nm-thick surface layers. The general patterns of formation of the nanodimensional intermetallic phases in the metal matrices are revealed.

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