Investigation of the Fine Energy Structure of the (0100, E) and (0001, F 2) Vibrational States of the 73GeH4 Molecule

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The IR spectrum of the 73GeH4 molecule is recorded with a Bruker IFS 125HR high-resolution Fourier spectrometer in the range 650–1100 cm–1 and then analyzed; 1127 transitions with Jmax = 19 are assigned to the ν4 and ν2 bands of the 73GeH4 molecule. The rotational and centrifugal parameters of tetrahedral splitting and the Coriolis interaction parameters for the (0100, E) ground and (0001, F2) vibrational states are determined by varying positions of the experimental lines. The obtained set of the spectroscopic parameters reproduces the initial experimental data with the accuracy close to the experimental one.

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