Investigation of rules governing deformation of solid bodies and diagnosis of the state of loaded materials on the basis of an acousto-optic tunable structure

S. V. Panin, Vladimir Ivanovich Syryamkin, S. V. Shidlovskii

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The results obtained by means of an acousto-optic tunable structure during solution of problems of simulation of plastic deformation and destruction processes at the mesoscale level, acceptance of conditions of formation of coatings during mechanical loading of "coating-substrate" compositions, as well as nondestructive control of the state of loaded parts of machines and structural elements are presented. The results of theoretical and experimental investigations, obtained by means of approaches used in the mechanics of structurally nonhomogeneous media, the method of construction of shift vector fields and the subsequent computations based on their results to determine the distribution of the deformation components, as well as the method of free oscillations are described.

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ЖурналTelecommunications and Radio Engineering (English translation of Elektrosvyaz and Radiotekhnika)
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