Investigation of photocatalytic activity of TiO2-GO nanocomposite

A. Z. Zhumabekov, E. V. Seliverstova, N. K. Ibrayev

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Nanocomposite based on graphene oxide and TiO2 was synthesized by hydrothermal method. The formation of nanocomposite was confirmed by Raman spectroscopy data. Characteristic peaks of graphene oxide and TiO2 were recorded. Energy dispersive analysis showed the presence of titanium, carbon and oxygen in the nanocomposite. The specific surface area of TiO2-GO nanocomposite is 1.16 times more than for pure TiO2. A study of the photocatalytic activity of synthesized material in electrolytes with different pH was carried out. It is shown that the generation of photocurrent in TiO2–GO depends on the electrolyte and increases by 2.9, 1.3 and 1.05 times in NaOH, KOH and Na2SO4, respectively, compared to the pure TiO2 films.

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