Investigation of multilayered TiSiC/NiC protective coatings

M. Braic, M. Balaceanu, A. C. Parau, M. Dinu, A. Vladescu

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TiSiC/NiC multilayer coatings with different bilayer periods (Λ) in the range of 2.5-19.8 nm were deposited on Si wafers and steel (316 L and C 45) substrates using cathodic arc evaporation technique with TiSi and Ni cathodes in methane atmosphere. TiSiC and NiC single layers were also prepared as reference coatings. The coatings were analyzed for elemental and phase composition, microstructure, morphology, modulation periodicity, mechanical properties, and for the tribological characteristics in 0.9% NaCl corrosive solution. Cross-sectional SEM images presented well-defined multilayered structures. It has been shown that the properties of the multilayers depended strongly on the bilayer period, the best characteristics being obtained for the TiSiC/NiC coating with Λ = 4.8 nm. This coating was found to outperform the TiSiC monolithic film, revealing lower residual stress (σ = -0.88 GPa), improved adhesion (critical load Lc = 57 N), lower friction coefficient (μ = 0.16) and higher wear resistance (wear rate K = 0.7 × 10-6 mm3 N-1m-1) when compared to TiSiC coating: σ = -3.12 GPa, Lc = 36 N, μ = 0.38, K = 2.9 × 10-6 mm3 N-1m-1.

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